Liberian Churches in Pennsylvania Resolution
Ebola Crisis in Liberia

The Response of the Liberian Churches in Pennsylvania to Stop Ebola in Liberia

EbolaExpressing deep concern that our homeland, Liberia is unprecedentedly hit by the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD) which has claimed the lives of almost 300 Liberians and continue to pose threat to the existence of our people, and that such virus has no cure as of yet.

Concerned that medical workers who are on the frontline risking their lives to treat victims are themselves being killed because they lack medical protective supplies, and reported dead corpse of alleged Ebola victims are exposed in streets for days unpick for disposal.

Concerned that people who have left their home country to go to Liberia and contribute to Liberia rebuilding and recovery process like the missionary from the United States working with the Samaritan Purse in Liberia, the Catholic Priest and Nuns from Spain working with the Catholic Hospital in Liberia, and others have fallen victim to this deadly virus and are evacuated to their respective homes for treatment and by the grace of God are improving,

Concerned that the effort by the Liberian government to create more awareness amongst the citizen to take preventive measure is being faced with frustration in several quarters due to mistrust, unbelief and ignorance, resulting to none corporation by Liberians in local villages, towns, and districts,

Concerned that Ebola have caused a massive loss of life, and negative long-term social, economic, psychological and health damage,

Alarmed that this virus has no cure and it is a deadly killer disease once affected, and for a country as Liberia recovering from 14 years of civil war with limited health facilities to meet this grave challenge making the lives of the people more vulnerable to this virus,

Concerned that the government of Liberia due to the severity of this virus outbreak has imposed a state of emergency for ninety days suspending certain rights and privileges of the people and their free movement as a means of fighting this deadly virus,

Deploring that the government of Liberia lacks the full capacity to adequately combat this outbreak and has call on the global community for assistance terming the outbreak as a global health crisis and a threat to global security.

Taking note that the World Health Organization has finally termed this outbreak as an international health emergency in need of urgent response,

Concerned that Liberians in the diaspora are deeply connected to our homeland and whatever affect our country and people affect us as well, this Ebola virus disease is a threat to our own existence and happiness,

We, as Liberian Churches in Pennsylvania under the auspices of the Liberian Ministers Association of the Delaware Valley, realizing the essence of our humanity and existence is summed up in the call of scripture to love God and neighbor. Our efforts over past weeks and gathering here today are a direct response to this noble call. While the call to love God and neighbor has a universal appeal, its application is felt when it is exercised on person to person basis. This person to person application is the lead way for a broader application to community, lager society and even nation to nation;

To date, our Delaware Valley effort in the fight against Ebola under the umbrella of the Liberian Ministers Association of the Delaware Valley began with the celebration of Liberia's 167th Independence celebration here in Philadelphia. During that weekend long solemn celebration, we were constantly urged by Honorable Ambassador Jeremiah Sulunteh to join in the fight against Ebola.

Immediately after the launching of the fight against Ebola at that Independence Ball on July 26, 2014 an initial $15, 000.00 contribution was made by Mr. Steve Graham through the Liberian Association of Pennsylvania. That gift was delivered to the Ambassador on Friday, August 1, 2014. After series of consultations and meetings, the efforts we are continuing today were initiated. We ended a three days of fasting and praying were Wednesday-Friday (Aug. 6-8, 2014) and we are gathered here today (Aug. 10, 2014) to pray, get updates, gather donations and publicized our efforts and further deliberate on efforts in the fight against Ebola.

We currently accepting donation of items on the list provided by the Ministry of health of the Republic of Liberia. Cash donation is also being made at our website at or in-person here at Victory Harvest or at 65 Penn Blvd., East Lansdowne, PA 19050. This effort will continue for the next two weeks after which these donations will be sent to Liberia. The committee on logistics headed by the Rev. John Jallah is currently working to identify the best and fasted means of getting these donations to Liberia to affected people who need them.

Our effort in the fight against Ebola is multifaceted. In response to the CDC request to help spread awareness of the facts about Ebola, we currently working recorded educational messages in different Liberian dialects that will be broadcast and distributed on DVD, CDs and cassettes in Liberia. We invite anyone who eloquently speak and write any Liberian dialect to register with the Rev. Dr. Napoleon Divine.

Additionally, we are awaiting word from The Liberian Embassy in DC on the date and plan for a larger event that will be held in Washing DC in the fight against Ebola. Benefit Concerts are also being planned to raise money for the fight against Ebola. We also appeal to all Liberians, friends of Liberia, and all people of good will in the Delaware Valley to join us the fight against Ebola. As Dr. King observed that: "We are all tied together in single garment of destiny; accordingly, we

  1. Call upon group of experts, medical institutions, and faith-based organizations in Pennsylvania to go to Liberia and help stabilize the situation by providing the needed assistance to save the lives of our people in Liberians;
  2. Call upon the government of Liberia to be proactive in ensuring health care delivery system in Liberia, improved the salaries and benefits of health care workers, and ensure that health centers in towns and villages are improved to meet up with any unforeseen outbreak in Liberia;
  3. Call for partnership with the Christian Community in Liberia to be the prophetic voice of the country and proactively engage the government to ensure the lives of the people are improved;
  4. Call upon the World Health Organization, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other Global health institutions to work toward discovering the cure to this virus to save the lives of our people;
  5. Call on the United States Government to actively engage in helping Liberia with the needed resources for recovery.
May God bless Liberia and bring healing to the land.

Signed Rev. Moses Suah Dennis
Liberian Ministers Association of the Delaware Valley


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