SECTION 1: Membership to this Association is opened to all Liberians ministers residing and/or serving in the Delaware Valley, U.S.A.

Section 2: Associate membership is also opened to all other ministers, Liberians and non-Liberians, who ascribe to the general principles of the Association, as provided by this constitution

Section 3: Only ministers residing and serving in the Delaware Valley who ascribe to the objectives of this Association are eligible for full membership. Application for membership shall be processed through the membership committee.

Section 4: Membership in the Association shall be obtained, and annually renewed through a registration process to include payment of a registration fee and membership dues. Until otherwise amended, each member shall pay a onetime fee of $10.00 and a monthly due of $5.00. Other taxation shall be levied only upon approval by two-third majority of the members.

Section 5: All power of the Association is vested in the membership. They shall elect their officers and may also cause them to leave office in accordance with provisions of this constitution. The members have power to meet and consult upon the common good of this Association, in accordance with the provisions set forth in these By-Laws and Constitution.

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Mexico Trip Meeting – October 29th

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Mexico Trip Meeting – October 29th

Inaugural Ball Narrative Report - February 16, 2014

Liberian Ministers Association
Stop Ebola in Liberia – October 21st
Mexico Trip Meeting – October 29th
Venue: Church of the Living God